Flow Production – Simulation Training Kit


Do you find it difficult to convince someone of the power of Lean Manufacturing? Here is the way to make everyone understand and believe how powerful Lean is by deploying it in a production line. !! Yes. Implementing in an actual line takes time and involves huge expenses. That is where this Lean Simulation comes in handy !! Everyone can see how dramatically the performance improves while implementing the Lean principles in a simulated production line !!

This game is designed in such a way that trainer can set up a production line and allow participants to work in the production line and see how the deployment of Lean improves the KPIs (Lead Time, Productivity, Inventory, Space Utilization) of the production line.

Contents of the Kit:

For the Participants

  • LEGO parts to assemble products (reusable)
  • Work instruction sheets for assembly
  • high-quality storage containers
  • Repacking layout picture

For the Trainer

  • Instructions to use the Kit (ppt files)
  • Training Presentation (ppt files)

Key learning

  • Batch vs. Single piece flow
  • Push vs. Pull, Kanban Signal
  • Takt Time vs. Cycle Time
  • Line Balancing
  • Kaizen

₹150,000 ₹125,000